JOIN ENTREPRENEURSHIP WEEK – INDIA! Held for the first time, Entrepreneurship Week India will celebrate today’s opportunities and work to improve the ecosystem for entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial people through activities and awareness campaigns.

Entrepreneurship Week India will be run concurrently with Entrepreneurship Week US that has been sanctioned by the US House of Representatives, and initiated by the Kauffman Foundation, the New York Times and Inc. magazine.

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Monday, February 26, 2007

And the week begins...

February 24, 2007 , 11:00 am - A memorable moment for E-week partners and NEN, where 160 institutes and 11 organisations came together for a synchronized kick-off, declaring the E Week open at the same time, across the nation. In one wave, several thousand Indians participated in the official launch of India's first ever Entrepreneurship Week.

Here's what some of our partners across academia and business have to say about E Week...

Ashok Mishra, Director, IIT Bombay
"I support Entrepreneurship Week India initiated by the NEN and would like to endorse this nationwide forum that will allow students in India to come together under one platform. The activities of E-Week will provide an opportunity for the students to create new ideas and new partnerships. We need the student community in India to be pro-active. Moreover, E-Week will give other stakeholders like successful entrepreneurs, educationists, corporate India to come together and create an eco-system that fosters the spirit of creating new enterprise."

Dr. Tina Seelig, Executive Director, Sranford Technolgy Ventures Program (STVP)
"Entrepreneurship Week was initially the brainchild of the Kauffman Foundation and was officially adopted by the US Congress. However, once the fuse was lit, it took off like wildfire across the country and around the world. Clearly, the world is ready to celebrate entrepreneurial spirit!

I am thrilled that India has embraced Entrepreneurship Week. It is a perfect way to bring together all those who are already in the entrepreneurial ecosystem and to inspire others to join in. Entrepreneurship Week in India will highlight the wide range of entrepreneurial activities going on throughout the country and make young people aware of entrepreneurial opportunities in their midst. It will also serve as a strong motivator for those who are considering starting or entering a new venture."

R.Ramaraj, Ex CEO, Sify (Satyam Infoway)
Over the years one has seen the environment change for the better. There is more funding available; entrepreneurship has become more socially acceptable. But while things are improving, we need to work harder towards creating a better ecosystem. Thrust is needed on providing more technology and incubation support, as well as on mentoring. Entrepreneurship development across Institutes all over India will serve to make entrepreneurship accessible to a wider base of students in India, spurring innovation and competitiveness, critical for India’s growth. I support NEN’s vision for EWeek – it will bring successful role model entrepreneurs into the ecosystem, make mentoring more accessible to new and future entrepreneurs, and above all will help kindle the spirit of entrepreneurship in youngsters -- encourage them to be more entrepreneurial; inside companies, or while considering starting or entering a new venture.

Over the next few days, we hope to keep you posted on what India Inc. thinks of entrpreneurship, how Indian youth are creating awareness about entrepreneurship, and more importantly, what can be done to create a more favourable climate. Comments are welcome.

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Dr. Sakkthivel said...

Enterpreneurship week is a much need event that is required to instill the spirit of enterpreneurship in the minds of young generation. At this juncture, we should not forget the fact the enterpreneurship is primarily focused on starting something new, in a way to generate employment opportunities and to contribute to nation and society as well. Become an enterpreneur is a dream for for every humanbeing and very few could achieve it. But, being enterpreneur is very vital where you are. however, the enterpreneurial skills ought to be recognized and nurtured, otherwise, that will be killed in the inception. In this moment, the enterpreneurs and the corporate would take initiative to develop next line of enterpreneurs who would play a vital in shaping up the future of India and world.

NEN E Week India said...

Thank you for your comment. Definitely agree that such initiatives will help instill the spirit of entrepreneurship in our youth!

sanjay said...

Its is very inspiring that now people are talking about entrepreneurship in India. although the intensity is not so high as of the USA or Europian countries. To icrease the intensity of voice and creating a health environment for entrpreneurship 'Media' and 'Corporate houses'will play a pivotal role. It has been seen that in any sphere of life 'Role Models' play a crusial rrole in promoting of their speciality , it is either the case of Indian Batting or Pakistani Bowling both were inspired by 'Role Models' . Hence Role Models like N.R. Narayanmurti and other people have to take some onitiative in promoting the Entrepreneurship in India.

rakesh saba said...

The grand finale in Bangalore:

I reached an hour before the scheduled start of events at NEN grand

finale Bangalore. I saw a cameraman operating his lenses and small

groups of people scattered around. I have been following up other

activities of NEN on their website. I was expecting a huge crowd and

enthusiasm among the people. There was none of both.
I volunteered to help a guy in arranging the posters. To my amazement

he was the founder of an event management company which was hired to

manage the show. I met 2 more guys who were working for a reputed s/w

firm while still managing time to run their own s/w services company.

They were the ones who designed NEN website. WOW
I was waiting to hear Kiran Mazumdar like most of the others. From what

she shared, I was clear on the message for the evening. It is not about

a grand finale but a grand start to the entrpreneur spirit in you and

me. The problems she faced 25 years back being a woman talking about

something like biotechnology. The sheer joy of being a problem

solver. I am inspired and so are the others present in this special